Air Christ: The EP

Around the time I began work on the C.U.S.P. album I created a batch of songs that didn’t really fit the vibe I was going for with that release and that didn’t work with the new album I’m doing on Uncommon Records, Technicolor Crime Scenes, so I created a new release, Deer God, We ♥ Paradise.

These 5 songs work as an entry-point into that release which I’ve sort of called “shoegaze hiphop,” each track is layered thick with various sound textures. Take the first song on the project for example, Ocean Pacific Palms starts out with a the background sound of an ocean set to the filtered Shuggie Otis sample before the drums, bass, keys, percussion and live guitars kick in. The result is a deeper soundscape that my tracks have generally offered and in doing so creates a more mature approach to the music while the lyrics almost emphasis an immaturity. All of this is offset by the lush vocals provided by Mio Soul.

I sort of wanted this release to have a retro futuristic vibe, not sure if I accomplished that but I’m comfortable with the end result and besides how many hiphop tracks are interrupted by Menudo?

One. Elephantoms. The end.

I’ve reached a point in my career where I’m more interested in having fun with the music than anything else and I think this release captures my personality more than any other project I’ve released and because of that I deliberately avoided working with other MCs on this EP. It’s possible that I add someone to the full project but we’ll see. I have a few songs with features that are sitting in the vault …

Anyway, peep the release and if you’re digging it then drop a buck and cop it. It’s less about the money and more about the acknowledged appreciation for the work everyone involved put in. Myself, Mio, IV the Polymath, the VPCs: Bionicheart and Digital Fiend. Radical.