Remix Avatar

So after I dropped Avatar I immediately received requests to remix the Psycho Les produced track, I’ve done remix contests in the past so why not with this one? I haven’t officially released the single outside of Bandcamp so the winning remixes will appear on the official maxi-single.

*** Important Info ***

The contest will end Monday, December 12, 2011. The original is 90 BPM. Dirty and clean versions of the acapella are included. 3 winners will be selected, 2 will be voted on by their peers(voting begins Dec 14,) and one will be selected by me. The top vote getter will receive $50. Use it to buy a new game, shirt, diapers, whatever. Remixes can be emailed to me at Have fun.

Avatar – Produced by Psycho Les. Written and performed by Atari Blitzkrieg. Cuts by Jazz Spastiks.

Download the files as a .zip (10MB)