Breaking Down MOTU


Sometimes an idea enters the swirling cauldron of weirdness that is my brain and I must act on it. MOTU is the end result of one of those actions. Maybe 2.

Like most males somewhere in their 30’s I grew up watching He-Man religiously. I had the toys. I had the shirts. I had the underwear. It didn’t matter that the show was one giant commercial for the toys, He-Man was the primary reason why I was up early on a Saturday morning.

Somehow I stumbled upon an acoustic version of the He-Man theme that was released as part of the soundtrack and thought, “maybe I should chop up the He-Man theme and make a beat out of it.” That was my exact thought hence the quotes.

I had the concept in mind but hadn’t started work on the production so I chopped a breakbeat and just looped it until I finished writing. One thing I tend to do with “themed” work is avoid a lyrical reference and instead let the production or vocal samples create that vibe. With MOTU I’m not saying that I’m He-Man, I’m saying that I’m a Master of the Universe, the rap universe if you will so that drove the style, delivery and content. That’s why you have lines like “I’m a narcissist, catharsis through arson, charring a bar then start my harvest to harness jars of pure arsenic.”

The beat itself was fairly simple, I just chopped the strings at the beginning of the song before the drums kick in, making sure I caught the “Man” and at the end of the 8th bar, the “He.” I used the Moog to create the bassline and layered my drums but used the Fifth Dimension “Rainmaker” break as the foundation. I slapped some samples from the He-Man DVD and added the acoustic version to the end. Boom. Done. Enjoy.