On Bandcamp: DJ A.I. – Neo L.A. 2019

We’ll start this off with a Blade Runner-themed instrumental effort produced by DJ A.I., Neo L.A. 2019. I’ll let the producer describe the project in his own words: “This Album is a tribute to the movie Blade Runner and the films composer Vangelis. All songs on this are sampled from the 3 disc soundtrack and a rare bootleg which is available. This is available to download for free but it is also set up so if you want to donate then you can, all donations go towards funding more music for you.”

The tracks all have a gritty, low-end heavy vibe that create a consistent vibe throughout the experience. A.I.’s production strength lies in his ability to effectively layer samples and craft basslines that complement the drums and audio samples.

The problem with a lot of instrumental releases and it’s apparent here is that the track doesn’t build as you’re listening so you feel like you’re sitting through 2-3 minutes of a loop. Producers should approach instrumental releases different than when they produce tracks for artists and turn it into an organic experience. Play an instrument, add new elements to the track so that you create an immersive experience. The Vangelis production this release was inspired by often featured live instruments to counter the synth-heavy ambient vibe.

Outside of that, A.I. has added vocal samples throughout to break up the monotony and he also does a solid job of replicating that moody, futuristic vibe of the film. Standout tracks include; Walking the Beat, Tears in the Rain, Enter the Blade Runner & Too Bad She Won’t Live.

Peep it below or go here to listen on Bandcamp and download a copy.