Donkey-Me Takes Classic Movies and Gets It On Like Donkey Kong

I imagine no one woke up this morning and said, “you know what? I wish someone would take Big Trouble in Little China, put those characters in a game that looks just like Donkey kong and let me play it.” Fortunately, you can play it whether you wanted to or not and because it’s a cool idea, you probably will wanna play it.


Developer Bruno Marcos pushed out a YouTube video that captures the coolness in all it’s retro glory. The afore-mentioned Big Trouble in Little China is included as well as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Alien, Flash Gordon, Conan and a few others. What is really dope is that they’ve also recreated the theme songs from the movies. The Conan theme alone is worth the download time.

Currently a Windows and Linux download via his site, a Ouya version is on it’s way if you have one. Cop that.