Prepare to Bust Heads Open as Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC

EA just announced the newest playable character for their UFC series and it just happens to be the greatest playable character in the history of playable characters, Bruce Lee. Obviously it’s a deliberate attempt to get us to buy a game we probably would ignore unless they happened to add Bruce Lee as a playable character which would alter our opinion and force us to open our wallets so we could play as Bruce Lee.


Dropping June 17th, you can either pre-order the game and have Bruce available right off the bat or beat career mode on pro difficulty or higher to unlock the ultimate playable character, Bruce Lee. The screenshots and quick snippet in the video look awesome, a lot better than the horrible WWE 2K14 which still features character models from 2006:


And while we’re at it:

Awful. This doesn’t look like it will be. Cop it.

Images courtesy of EA Sports.